Stuart Lichtman – Super Entrepreneur Training 2 – Week 06-08 and SACP11-17


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Stuart Lichtman – Super Entrepreneur Training 2 – Week 06-08 and SACP11-17

Entrepreneurs are the people who create most of the jobs in the world. Entrepreneurs are the people who have started all of what became the largest businesses in the world. There are great joys and excitement in being a successful entrepreneur. Yet most people who try to be entrepreneurs fail because failing is the way they learn to become entrepreneurs. They fail because they have not developed what I call a “Successful Entrepreneurial Personality” and they, therefore, fail in predictable ways.

Yet nothing I have ever read or otherwise encountered with respect to entrepreneurship addresses this fundamental problem.


Until my Super Entrepreneur Training, what I call the SET.

The SET consists of 6 Phases.

Phase 1 guides you in developing the Cybernetic Transposition tools required to take the next steps.

Phase 2 involves developing and enhancing your Successful Entrepreneurial Personality.

My qualifications for developing the SET, in addition to having created Cybernetic Transposition, include the following:

I have mentored over 500 now successful entrepreneurs.

I have studied a lot more who weren’t successful.

On behalf of the U.S. Small Business Administration, I studied all of their many thousands of clients covering a period of five years, conducted 2 hour interviews of other 1,000 of them and, using my Arintel Artificial Intelligence system (see the next paragraph), I developed models that predicted future success at from 92% to 99% accuracy.

On behalf of the U.S. Commerce Department, I studied the determinants of success or failure of about 1,650 entrepreneurs who received consulting paid for by that organization.

As the basis of my doctoral dissertation, I invented a system, Arintel, to model the Unconscious behavior of people and applied it to modeling the Unconscious decision making of over 100 major successful venture capitalists.

I have currently interviewed an additional large number of highly successful entrepreneurs covering a wide range of markets with ventures ranging from very small to very large.

And I have started and run numerous successful entrepreneurial ventures for Venture Capitalists and other investors, as well as myself.

The SET is the synthesis of everything I have done for the past 52 years.


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