Tantra Body De-armouring Tutorials |Instant Download !

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Tantra Body De-armouring Tutorials |Instant Download !

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Tantra Body De-armouring Tutorials |Instant Download !


Archive : Tantra Body De-armouring Tutorials

First online De-armouring tutorial!

  • Hours of video tutorials
  • Lifetime access to all the material
  • Interactive learning: You ask questions and I answer.
  • Ongoing support for as long as you need it
  • Join a growing community of de-armouring practitioners

Class Curriculum


Welcome to De-armouring Tutorials – Who are this tutorials for – What will you learn here. (4:29)


Best way to learn from these tutorials! (1:03)

Ethics – Theory – Knowledge

Origins & Essence of De-armouring (7:45)

The Pain Body, Complexity of De-armouring and Trust (4:04)

Responsibility of a De-armouring practitioner. (13:01)

Importance of Intimacy in De-armouring (4:40)

Boundaries within the session! (5:12)

Soft Touch De-armouring (3:17)

Reparenting (7:21)

Possible reasons to have a de-armouring session (8:05)

Removing attachments to the flow and outcome of your sessions (8:11)

Reactive Points: How to find them & How long to hold them (4:22)

Difference between Sympathy and Empathy (4:27)

Body Posture & Body Contact: Do’s & Don’ts (5:39)

Working with couples (5:03)

Setting up Session Space (6:07)

Session demonstrations with commentary

Intro talk with clients & Start of session (15:59)

Demonstration of a Session – Stomach (20:48)

Demonstration of a session – Neck & Connecting energy lines (44:09)

Pressure points – Do’s & Don’ts of bodywork

Stomach (21:02)

Chest (20:46)

Pelvis (53:36)

Neck & Head (26:51)

Back (32:24)

Legs (15:38)

Psoas Muscle Release (15:43)

Energy work

Opening the Sushumna and Energy body (20:46)

Sensitising yourself & Blindfolded practise (37:41)

Working with Elements & Helping energy run thru the body (11:13)

Connecting Energy Lines (11:34)

Useful techniques

Opening the Spine at start of Session (5:16)

Energising & Invigorating the Body (24:52)

Q & A:

Q: What is Talk Therapy & How can I train in it? (3:26)

Q: Who is ready to receive de-armouring? (1:41)

Q: Do clients need a period of integration after the session? (0:43)

Q: How to stay safe from re-wounding the client? (1:01)

Q: Sequences of points: Is it important to follow them? (0:55)

Q: What is De-armouring Training ( (1:49)

Q: How to stop release process once it starts? (1:40)

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