Target Focus Training – Self Defence against Weapons Package


Target Focus Training – Self Defence against Weapons Package

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Target Focus Training – Self Defence against Weapons Package

Police stats show life-threatening attacks often involve weapons, & usually leave NO time for pepper spray or stun guns. The only ‘weapon’ always available is your body! Knowing how to use it to instantly injure some gun-toting thug (regardless of your size, speed, age or athletic ability) means NEVER worrying about surviving violence.

This new Nuclear Weapons II DVD series gives you the tools to quickly control any criminal attacking you with weapons. Packed with simple, easily-mastered principles and techniques needed to put any attacker down regardless of how desperate the situation. Unique to this system is how you learn to ignore the weapon pointed directly at you, focusing instead on injuring this guy!

  • 4 DVDs:
    • Edged weapons (1hr 39 min, 36 coordination sets or techniques),
    • Impact weapons (1hr 45 min, 34 coordination sets),
    • Firearms (1hr 38 min, 33 coordination sets),
    • Leg Dynamics (little-known key to supercharging your striking power),
  • 76-page hardcopy manual (new)
  • Live follow-up teleconference call
  • Immediately usable against attackers with weapons (even without practice)
  • Full 1-year money-back guarantee, plus extra $25 if not everything you expect
  • 3-month payment option available

Focuses on Hand-to-Weapon self defense training, showing what you MUST do to beat a criminal threatening you with a weapon when all you HAVE are your own body weapons, how you specifically must do this, and why it’s guaranteed you CAN, regardless of your background or training!

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