Tariq “Elite” Nasheed – Macklessons PPV Specials | Instant Download !

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Tariq “Elite” Nasheed – Macklessons PPV Specials | Instant Download !

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Tariq “Elite” Nasheed – Macklessons PPV Specials | Instant Download !


Archive : Tariq “Elite” Nasheed – Macklessons PPV Specials

Tariq Nasheed is a New York Times best-selling author,host of the mack-lessons radio series, and also the publisher of “Black players the secret world of black pimps”. His no non-nonsense approach to dealing with women is second to none not only in terms of “up’n your game” but also in up’n the standards of  women you deal with.

The most important factor in being successful with women and people in general is your “inner-game “.
This is type of confidence that  can only manifest  through self value and understanding what assets  you bring to the table. This program will be focusing on developing your inner game which in turn will  develop your mouth piece ensuring success not only in your approach to women but, also in day to day life.

– Learn how to approach women while still maintaining your dominance as a male .
– How to control a woman’s mind and avoid being manipulated
– Learn the tricks that women use
– How to manage multiple women
– How to gain and maintain a monogamous relationship
– How to take women home on the first encounter
– Women to avoid and reading women
– Interracial mackin
– How to approach women
– And much,much more

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Live in Charlotte

Marriage, Mackin & Monogamy. (video)

Mack Lessons In Hawaii

Tariq Nasheed live in Hawaii.

7) Live in HoustonThe Game Must Be In You Not On You

Tariq Nasheed Yale Lecture

PPV Audio (macklessons).

[u] Mackin for money

– Different ways the get money from women
– How to Gigolo for money
– How to Mack for money
– How to pimp for money
– Psychological techniques

Bonus Audio Inter-Racial Mack Week Pt. II

5 part series dealing with all flavors of women.

– interracialmackinIIBlack.mp3
– interracialmackinIIWhite.mp3
– interracialmackinIIMiddleEastern.mp3
– interracialmackinItimisan.mp3
– interracialmackinIILatina.mp3

Bonus audio Religious Mackin

B.B.Q. Special (audio)

Culture Of Ignorance (audio)

Who Are You?(audio)

[u] Myth of the Independent Black woman

Sex Magic

Message to America 
How we have been tricked into divisive mindsets

Myths of Racial Supremacy [u] [u] Bullshistory 

Entertainment plantation-

The game for women

22) Illumination

23)Black Fraternities 
History and examples from which you can draw from to improve your game

24) Fraternities 
Examples which  you can draw from  to  improve your  game

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