The Escape School – Career Change School | Instant Download !

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The Escape School – Career Change School | Instant Download !

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The Escape School – Career Change School | Instant Download !


Career Change School

Follow 9 simple steps to help you escape into a new career.

Want to do something different in your career – but not sure where to start?

Our Online Career Change School follows 9 crucial steps that will help you get over your career change fears and teach you how to make small but bold steps in an exciting new direction – even if you don’t know exactly what you want to do yet.

This is a learning by doing experience that will teach you how to start getting unstuck and find new career opportunities for yourself. It’s about developing a powerful new toolkit, network and mindset to help you identify and execute exciting opportunities over the next few years as you transition into a new direction.

Course Curriculum


  • VIDEO: Welcome to the Online Career Change Course (0:40)
  • 9 Steps to Escape Into a New Career
  • The Psychology of Stuckness
  • Top 5 Career Change Myths That Keep People Stuck
  • VIDEO BONUS: Why are people looking to change career? (1:57)
  • VIDEO BONUS: Career change myths 1 (2:14)
  • VIDEO BONUS: Career change myths 2 (1:30)
  • VIDEO BONUS: Career change myths 3 (1:19)
  • VIDEO BONUS: Career change myths 4 (2:26)
  • VIDEO BONUS: Career change myths 5 (1:09)

Step 0.1: Start With What’s Stopping You

  • What’s Stopping You? Introducing: Blockers
  • Exercise: Face Your Blockers

Step 1: Do I know my Values?

  • Using Values as a Guide
  • EXERCISE – How to Unearth Your Values

Step 2: Do I Know My Good Career Criteria?

  • Identifying your Good Career Criteria
  • Exercise: Identify Your Good Career Criteria

Step 3: Do I Understand My Career Likes and Dislikes?

  • The Ingredients of Fulfilling Work
  • Identify Your Career Likes and Dislikes
  • VIDEO: The ingredients of fulfilling work (2:17)
  • VIDEO: The ingredients of fulfilling work 2 (1:42)

STEP 4: Do I Know My Curiosities, Frustrations, and Heroes?

  • Where to Start When You Don’t Know Where to Start
  • Chasing Curiosities
  • Follow your frustrations
  • Identify your Heros

STEP 5: Do I Know My Current Skills + Skills I Aspire to Use?

  • Identifying your skills
  • Bonus: Identify Your Transferable Skills Worksheet

STEP 6: Do I Have a Hopper of Ideas That I Can Explore?

  • Become an Idea Machine
  • Exercise: Flex Your ‘Idea Muscle’

STEP 7: Build a Career ‘Prototype’

  • How to Create a Career Prototype
  • Project Tools
  • How to Launch Your Project

STEP 8: How Do I Create Opportunities for Myself?

  • Master the Art of the Hustle
  • Bonus: Hustle Case Studies

STEP 9: How Do I Communicate My Value to Others?

  • Standing Out From the Crowd
  • Exercise: Personal Brand Canvas

And Finally…

  • And Finally…

Bonus: Adopt an Entrepreneurial Mindset

  • A Helpful Reminder When Things Feel Hard…
  • Bonus: Stoicism & Worst Case Scenario Planning
  • WATCH: The Power of Vulnerability

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