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TheTradeAcademy – Advanced Trading System | Instant Download !

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TheTradeAcademy – Advanced Trading System | Instant Download !

Salepage: _

Introduction (START HERE)

Welcome! (0:36)

Important Student Information

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What Is Forex? (6:39)

Forex VS Stocks

When Can You Trade Forex? (The 4 Major Markets) (4:20)

What Do You Trade? (Major Currencies) (3:11)

Buying VS Selling (3:26)

Different Types of Trends

Trading Rules (2:54)
Key Terms

MetaTrader 4

Installing MT4 On Your Phone (0:57)


PIP (0:43)

Lot (1:19)

Bid and Ask Price (0:41)

Spread (0:47)

Buy Stop (0:42)

Sell Stop (0:35)

Buy Limit (0:40)

Sell Limit (0:41)

Stop Loss (1:23)

Technical Analysis (1:20)

Demo Account (0:29)

Live Account (0:20)

Broker (0:36)

Commission (0:27)

Support & Resistance (4:16)

Quiz 1
Development and Trade Setup

Getting Started

Walkthrough Of Trading View (6:18)

Change Chart Layout On Trading View (2:14)

How To Add Tools To Favorite In Trading View (2:53)

How To Modify Tools In Trading View (5:26)

MT4 Full Walkthrough, Entering a Trade, How To Take Partial Profits (8:00)

Creating And Saving Templates On MT4 (4:02)

Setting Up Your Trade Station (2:43)

Get Familiar With Your Tools (2:47)

How To Setup Your Trade Journal (3:29)

Long Term Account Vs. Short Term Profit Building (5:58)

Trade Setup Quiz
Mindset / Psychology

Experience and Mindset (8:38)

Goal Setting (8:55)

3 Reasons Why People Fail (4:12)

OPM (2:40)
Approach , Mistakes and More

Environment (2:19)

Revenge Trading (3:28)

Life Long Learner (3:51)

Long Term Thinking (3:53)
Key Levels

What is a Key Level (2:51)

Key Level Set Up 4H (5:12)

Key Level Set Up H1 (3:17)

Key Level Confirmation (2:36)

Key Level Overview (3:20)

Start Key Level Webinar (28:37)

Start Advanced Webinar Key Levels (98:57)

Start Key Level Major Market Patterns/Setup (2:49)

Start USDJPY Weekly Key Level Setup 1 (5:39)

Start USDJPY Weekly Key Level Setup 2 (6:15)
Market Structure

Start Major Market Phases (6:24)

Start Uptrend Market Structure (7:09)

Start Downtrend Market Structure (3:57)

Start Consolidation (2:51)

Start Uptrend Market Structure on 4 Hour Timeframe (6:04)

Start Uptrend Market Structure on 1 Hour Timeframe (3:22)

Start Downtrend Market Structure on 4 Hour Timeframe (3:51)

Start Downtrend Market Structure 1 Hour Timeframe (4:21)

Start Identifying Break of Market Structure (3:11)

Start Uptrend Break of Structure “Explanation” (2:02)

Start Uptrend Break of Structure H4 (2:45)

Start Downtrend Break of Structure “Explanation” (3:38)

Start Break of Downtrend Structure H4 (4:21)

Start Uptrend Continuation (0:57)

Start Downtrend Continuation (1:00)

Start Sideways Market to Downtrend (1:28)

Start Sideways Market to Uptrend (1:25)

Start Advanced Webinar Market Structure (107:26)
Market Patterns

Start Chart Patterns (1:26)

Start Double Top Market Pattern (2:09)

Start Double Bottom Market Pattern (1:31)

Start Double Bottom Continuation (1:14)

Start Double Top Continuation (1:24)

Start Trend Lines (2:26)

Start Monthly Trendline (2:25)

Start Weekly Trendline (3:43)

Start Daily Trendline (2:59)

Start 4 Hour Trendline (3:18)

Start Overview Of Trendlines (4:08)

Start Fibonacci Concept Overview (16:21)

Start Fibonacci Trading View Settings

Start Fibonacci 4 Hour Uptrend (10:26)

Start Fibonacci Tool (3:06)

Start Fibonacci Tool Part 2 (2:57)

Start Advanced Webinar Fibonacci (83:14)
Price Action / Candlestick Patterns

Start Price Action (0:56)

Start How To Read Candlesticks (5:47)

Start Bullish Engulfing

Start Bearish Engulfing

Start Variation Candlestick Patterns (3:28)

Start Morning and Evening Star (1:39)

Start Tweezer Top & Tweezer Bottom (1:34)

Start Hammer Candlestick (0:38)

Start The Hanging Man (0:35)

Start Shooting Star (0:55)

Start Various forms of the ‘DOJI

Start The Spinning Top

Start The Marubozu

Start The Inside Bar Formation

Start Advanced Webinar Price Action (74:24)
Moving Averages

Start Moving Averages (0:44)

Start How To Use Moving Averages (2:42)
Risk Management

Start Risk Management (4:57)

Start Risk to Reward Tool (3:53)

Start Advanced Webinar Risk Management (79:38)
Live Application

Start GBPJPY Breakdown (13:29)

Start NZDCAD Breakdown (8:22)
Bonus Webinar Recordings

Start Live Webinar 11/21/18 (52:43)

Start Live Webinar 11/29/18 (78:48)

Start Live Webinar 12/13/18 (58:55)

Start Live Webinar 12/20/18 (99:57)

Start Live Webinar 3/8/19 (28:37)

Start Customer Satisfaction – Please Tell us How To Improve 🙂

Start Customer Support Information

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