Tom Gaddis and Nick Ponte – Real Estate Profit Pro

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Tom Gaddis and Nick Ponte – Real Estate Profit Pro

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Tom Gaddis and Nick Ponte – Real Estate Profit Pro

Get Tom Gaddis and Nick Ponte – Real Estate Profit Pro right now!

OTO1: Real Estate Marketing Power Pack

OTO2: Local Adwords Income

..what if you learned how to go from ‘totally confused’ about Offline Marketing to knowing how to crush your competition and having clients paying you all the time all in just a week?”

You’re going to learn the secrets Realtors don’t

want you to know…

It makes selling them easy as child’s play.

Yes, finally two Rogue Offliners break their silence and reveal a devastingly powerful software technique to land all the Best Realtor clients, immediately.”

In case you haven’t heard, Real Estate sales are BACK WITH A VENGEANCE!

Yes, the recession hit them hard, but the turnaround is proving to be especially SWEET.

In fact the Wall Street Journal has said, ì…The real estate recovery has turned into a raging sellers market almost everywhere in the US.”

The ranks of real estate agents have swelled to around 2 million.

And while the veterans are cashing in, the newer agents are struggling to get a foothold, even with the booming market.

And why?


Agents and brokers will look under every rock for a suitable buyer or seller.

According to the US Dept Of labor and Realtor Association’s own statistics, the “average Real Estate agent does 4 to 6 transactions a year.”

Newer agents, even less. So they know they have to invest in advertising and promotion to fight their way out of the sales ‘basement’.

Its no surprise, new AND experienced Top Producers are contacting marketing firms and marketing consultants. (Some firms even specialize in just Realtors.)

The opportunity for a local advertising and marketing consultant is the biggest we’ve ever seen.

Even though it’s already booming, this market is poised for even MORE unprecedented growth.

Our friend and associate, Bruce Newmedia, has had individual realtors pay him $5,000, 8,000, $9,000 and as much as $12,000 for marketing services!

Do all realtors spend bigger amounts like that? No of course not, but we show you how to target ones that do pay well.

We show you the glaring clues that make it obvious who you should target.

The Right Market Matched To The Right Tool

With this fertile market identified, we still needed a tool that would open doors and provide real value.

The Power Persuader


Why This Matters To You…

Is it possible to get from where you are now to where you want to be?

Or, are You going to be permanently ‘stuck’ in a low income or no client situation in local marketing?

Not if you know what to do… Absolutely not.

By taking the right steps, including investing in this training, you can certainly get better Realtor clients …and more of them.

You can even get the kind of Realtors you may dream about…the ‘Big Hitters’ the kind who spend huge money on all kinds of marketing services. (tens of thousands, even $100,000 a year.)

But, it’s important to note, you have to trust the techniques we’ll train you in.. You have to believe in them, and fully commit to them.

Otherwise, you won’t ever get past the ‘small fry’ realtors.

Let’s face it. What you’re doing now isn’t working.

That’s why you’re stuck in the first place.

There’s an old saying: “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results.”

If you really want a higher level of professional success you have to ask yourself if you’re willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen.

If you are, all the help you need can be found in our new training.

If you want to avoid being disqualified from the ‘Big Super Seller Realtors’ and finally end that frustration, then keep reading. Everything you need to know is right here.

Get Tom Gaddis and Nick Ponte – Real Estate Profit Pro on right now!

Each Step Leads To Your Profits

Inside Our New Training We Reveal EVERYTHING You Need To Start Making Money Right Away Even If You’re Brand New.

Prospecting for Realtors
Realtor Door Openers #1

Realtor Door Openers #2

Realtor Door Openers #3

Realtor Door Openers #4

Sold! Writing Ads for Realtors
Writing Ads For Realtors Part 1

Writing Ads For Realtors Part 2

Writing Ads For Realtors Part 3

Plus you get slides, so you can present this to real estate agents!

3 Hottest Ways to Make Money from Real Estate Agents In 2018
Advertising Audit

Printing & Design Fast Start

Social Media Master

Initial Theme Setup
Purchasing A Domain Name

Hosting Options

Creating A Reseller Hosting Package

Creating A Hosting Account For Your Site

Updating Your DNS

Installing Word Press

Installing Single Property Theme

Installing Single Property Child Theme

Single Property Website Setup
Import Demo Content

Editing Home Page Content

Editing Our Gallery Section

Adding Agents Logo

Adding Agent Contact Info

Schedule Visit Contact Form

Adding Agent Social Media

Get Tom Gaddis and Nick Ponte – Real Estate Profit Pro right now!

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