Trading Tuitions – Mastering Amibroker Formula Language (AFL) | Instant Download !

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Trading Tuitions – Mastering Amibroker Formula Language (AFL) | Instant Download !

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Trading Tuitions – Mastering Amibroker Formula Language (AFL) | Instant Download !


Salepage: Trading Tuitions – Mastering Amibroker Formula Language (AFL)

Course Introduction

Amibroker is one of the most popular tools among technical analysts and system traders. Its popularity owes to its robustness and wide array of features that deliver almost everything that you can imagine. One can code custom indicators, perform chart analysis and also build a fully automated trading system out of Amibroker.

In order to do all these exciting things, you need to familiarize yourself with Amibroker Formula Language (AFL). It comes in-built with the Amibroker software and can help you do wonders once you master it.

This course is intended for everyone who wants to become a professional AFL coder. Don’t worry even if you don’t have any prior programming experience, we have got it all covered. The course is designed by a group of experts who carry decades of experience in programming as well as financial markets. It is well suited for absolute beginners as well as professionals who want to up-skill themselves in Amibroker.

Course Curriculum

Computer Programming Basics
PreviewWhat is a Programming Language?
StartTypes of Programming Languages
StartHow High-level programming languages work?
StartUnderstanding Compiler and Interpreter
StartHow to write a Computer Program?
StartBasic Elements of Programming Language
StartComments and Discussion
Amibroker Installation and Data import
PreviewSteps to Install Amibroker on your Machine (1:52)
StartImporting Data into Amibroker- through AmiQuote (3:27)
StartImporting Data into Amibroker: Manual Process (3:41)
StartComments and Discussion
Understanding Amibroker Formula Language (AFL)
StartAFL Introduction
StartWriting your first AFL Code (2:48)
StartComments and Discussion
AFL Elements and Code Structure
StartBasic Syntax
StartAFL Identifiers
StartAFL Operators
StartAFL Variables
StartAFL Decision Making
StartAFL Loops
StartComments and Discussion
AFL Functions
StartFunctions Overview
StartAFL String Functions
StartAFL Math Functions
StartAFL Date/Time Functions
StartAFL Price Functions
StartAFL Indicator Functions
StartAFL Chart Functions
StartAFL Trading System Functions
StartAFL Multi Timeframe Functions
StartAFL Statistical Functions
StartAFL Exploration Functions
StartAFL Miscellaneous Functions
StartComments and Discussion
Advanced AFL Concepts
StartAFL Matrix Functions
StartFile manipulation using AFL
StartStatic Variables and Functions
StartReal World use of Static Variables
StartPlot Equity line in Chart
StartComments and Discussion
AFL Code Examples (with Video Explanation)
PreviewPlot Candlestick Chart with Title (2:07)
StartPlotting an Indicator in Chart (1:40)
StartParameterized AFL Code (1:42)
StartWriting text in Commentary (Interpretation) Window through AFL (1:34)
StartShow Popups in Chart (1:37)
StartInitializing Buy Sell Signals (2:08)
StartPlotting Buy Sell Arrows (1:19)
StartPlot Buy Sell Price Levels in Chart (1:52)
StartPlot Heikin Ashi Chart (1:30)
StartMulti-Timeframe AFL Code (1:41)
StartComments and Discussion


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