Ultimate Talmadge Harper Subliminal Mix 2.0 | Instant Download !

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Ultimate Talmadge Harper Subliminal Mix 2.0 | Instant Download !

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Ultimate Talmadge Harper Subliminal Mix 2.0 | Instant Download !


Salepage : Ultimate Harper Mix 2.0

Arichive : Ultimate Harper Mix 2.0

For 2.0, I’ve updated the MP3s and I’ve figured out a way to stack the mix between 6-216 times in one file. This gives multiple exposures to all the messages in each listen.

This is a very powerful file. Much more than the previous version. It’s very easy to trance out with headphones on and I would not recommend operating heavy machinery while listening to these.

Version 2.0 includes 19 Talmadge Harper subliminal products in one:

Alpha Protocol Extreme

Pheromones on steroids 3.0 holy shit version

Omega Wealth

Sexy Healthy Body 2

Explosive Muscle Mass – The Juice

Awaken Your Inner Genius

Super Immune Health 2

Testosterone Increase – from the original Alpha Protocol series

Masterful Lover

Schumann Truth Wealth – from Wealth Vibrations 2

Online Marketing Genius

Midas Touch

Will Power*** modified Omega Program version.

Advanced Sexual Healing

Photographic Memory

Confidence in Social Situations

NLP Mastery

Inner Genius Foreign Language

Clearing for Abundance

Enjoy and please let me know what kind of results you get. My results keep getting better and if I get enough positive reports from others who are using the file, I will share with Talmadge my technique for stacking a single mp3 200+ times, so that he can offer even more effective products.

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