Victor Antonio – Monday Morning Sales Workouts | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !

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Victor Antonio – Monday Morning Sales Workouts | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !

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Victor Antonio – Monday Morning Sales Workouts | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !


How Managers Coach Their Team.
Kickoff Your Monday Morning Sales Meeting with a New Sales lesson every week.

This 52-Week sales workout will free managers from having to develop a sales lesson every week for their sales team. Instead, managers will be able to choose from 52 different lesson across 8 crucial sales categories: Process, Prospecting, Promotion, Persuasion, Pricing, Positive Mental Attitude, Presentation and Product.

What Does It Cover?
1 Workout for you to go over with your team. You’ll get access to 1 lesson a week, from 1 of the categories.

Having a sales process will allow your salespeople to be consistent and be able to measure their sales effectiveness. Salespeople with a process earn, on average, 48% more than those without a sold process in place.

Prospecting requires focus and an understanding of your potential buyers and where to find them. Whether you’re cold calling or attending networking events, being able to connect with potential clients is a critical skill.

You can have the best service or product in the world but if no one knows you exist, your chances of surviving in business drop dramatically. Marketing is the best catalyst for selling and creating a trusted brand name.

To influence and persuade a client to buy, you must first understand why they buy in the first place, and what they need from you. As salespeople, we provide solutions, and nudge (never push) our clients in a productive direction.

The toughest conversations to have are those about price. Salespeople who don’t understand the value of their product will always find end up selling on price. Move the conversation away from pricing and towards the real benefits to the clients.

Positive Mental Attitude
A prerequisite in sales. Rejection, frustrations, and disappointments are commonplace. Gaining a positive mental attitude will be your best defense, and your greatest predictor of success in sales and your career.

Presenting to a client is probably one of the most frequent skills you employ as a salesperson. Your team needs to know how to structure a message, develop a sense of urgency, create credibility, and commit to the next step in the sales process.

Clients are more demanding than ever and require salespeople to have an intimate understanding of their product and how it can help the client’s business. Take your team’s knowledge beyond the features and benefits and into selling real value to your customers.

Meet Your Trainer
Victor Antonio
After building a successful 20-year career as a top sales executive, Victor Antonio became a globally sought-after sales speaker and trainer.

How Does It Work?

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