Vin DiCario – Mastermind Vault – Part 2 (of 4)


Vin DiCario – Mastermind Vault – Part 2 (of 4)

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Vin DiCario – Mastermind Vault – Part 2 (of 4)

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Vin DiCarlo – Mastermind Vault – Part 2 (of 4)
Vin DiCarlo | ISBN: N/a | 2007 | MP3 | 70 mb
The Top Secret Mentality Highly Skilled Pick-up Artists Use To Get The Women You Truly Desire
I��ve been complacent with women for the last few years.
I��ve been giving up the girls I was drawn to sexually, passionately, and had an animal lust for, for women I was only happy with, mediocrity is such an ugly attitude.
After listening to this call, my attitude has completely changed, and even my mother has commented on the shift between bringing home and introducing a ��quantity�� of women, to now showing off only quality women that I truly am crazy for.
Fiery librarian types with perfect round alabaster breasts and glasses�� but I digress.
Alfredo covers a variety of essential topics on this call, topics that truly are critical to your game on a personal level.
After you��ve listened to this recording and made a mental transition to being confident enough to go after women you truly desire, you can use the advice Alfredo gives to bring her home that night!
Picture finding your perfect woman in a club and having no qualms about approaching her for a one-night stand, or even a relationship.
Also, one of Alfredo��s students tells an inspiring tale of his shift to go after the women he truly desires, and how his gifted hands brought out tears of healing.
I didn��t ever picture myself as the type of person to let something he truly desires slip through his fingers. Are you?
Alf 3.mp3
Bring Any Woman Home Tonight,While Making it Seem Like Her Suggestion, Guilt Free
You��ve got a gorgeous, sensitive, alluring female captivated by your every move, word, or whim. This delicate creature has been expressing vast amounts of interest in you all night, but now the club is closing and its time to take the final plunge, hopefully into her panties.
Getting a girl to agree to come home with you is by far the most intricate and difficult aspect of seduction�� or is it?
You can discover how to create an intriguing invite back to your place that she will accept without feeling like a slut, and keep a playful vibe all the way back to the bedroom, in fact, she��ll do the work!
Vin not only reveals the easiest way to get any woman back to your place, he also talks about the real secret behind emotionally connecting with her, helping to eliminate any shreds of last minute resistance. In summary, he tells you how to get any woman back to your place, and once you��re there, how to seal the deal with NO resistance!
In doing this, he discusses the two types of women, and how to best connect with them using a combination of credibility and sexual tension.
Would you rather be working hard, anxiety ridden, begging a woman to come back to your place? Or hardly working, enjoying the ride, while a woman begs to come back at your place?
Mastermind 3.mp3
Two Simple Ways To Get To Know Her So Deep, She��ll Accuse You of Being Psychic
Orleans knows the true way to any woman��s heart, and it��s not through chocolate or mind-blowing orgasms (ok, well, maybe the second).
If I told you that in just one phone call, you could discover a basic principle that he has used to have women break down and cry, professing their love for him, after just one use, would you be interested? I know I would!
Because he takes the time to share it in this call.
This call introduces two types of cold-reading that he has used to identify with women on such a deep level, they don��t even tell their best friends it exists.
On top of that, he discusses how to use adventure projections and shaping to make a woman work to become your ideal partner, and she��ll think it was her idea! She will want and crave to help you become the best you can be, all while being completely happy.
The best part of it all is that you could do this without even being face to face, incorporating it into a powerful text message that influences her with a deep personal intensity.
I know you��re clever enough to recognize just how powerful this truly is.
Orleans 2.mp3
Discover How To Instantly Get Any Woman Alone And Attracted, Like Magic
You��ve been talking to a beautiful, interesting, attractive woman for what seems like forever and would love to move her to a quieter place to get more intimate and acquainted. She��s completely interested in what you��re saying and is obviously attracted to you; her eyes keep flickering up and down your body.
Unfortunately, many men don��t know how to transition from a friendly public conversation to a private, more intimate, setting short of chloroform and a wet napkin.
I used to just grab a woman��s hand and pull her over to a nearby couch or lounge, kicking and screaming if I had to, I��ve got the claw marks all over my back to prove it.
Thankfully, Alfredo has laid out a ridiculously easy to use, fool-proof system to escalate from having her hooked on your conversation to following you to a more isolated location where your pants can come off.

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