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Wendy De Rosa – The Empath’s Journey | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !

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Wendy De Rosa – The Empath’s Journey | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !


Wendy De Rosa - The Empath's Journey

Wendy De Rosa – The Empath’s Journey

Clear emotional (and karmic) patterns and other energy blocks — which are unique to overly empathic people.

Receive powerful, guided healings to align your energy system with your empathic gifts.

Discover how to begin ‘reading’ energy intuitively without taking it on.

As an empath, you have a precious gift…

And yet, your ability to feel people’s emotions and the energy around you can be a burden.

There’s a reason for this… and it’s not because you’re “too sensitive.”

Rather, your energy (chakra) system has been patterned to absorb energy, causing you to “carry” other people’s wounds or unresolved emotions. Along with these burdensome patterns, you may be carrying patterns of subconscious fears from early childhood and your lineage.

A ubiquitous sense of guilt or shame, and hyper-responsibility and hypervigilance are common patterns for overly empathic people. Symptoms of financial lack, fatigue, digestive issues, panic attacks, isolation, overeating, and sleeplessness are also symptoms of energetic absorption or overwhelm.

According to leading intuitive healer and teacher Wendy De Rosa, empaths are being being triggered (and called!) to heal… and to transform early childhood trauma, abandonment patterns, and long-held karmic wounds and “contracts,” so they can model healthy sensitivity as a vital form of human connection.

Imagine, going through the world, emotionally centered, grounded in your power, and open to receiving good…even intuitively reading energy without taking it on!

It’s time… (Otherwise, why would you be here?)

Be Guided by a Highly Skilled, Intuitive Teacher & Healer for Empathic People

Raised in a large Italian family, Wendy De Rosa was a sensitive child who absorbed the chaotic energy and took on emotions of those around her. At age 19, she had a nervous breakdown — a “healing crisis” that led her to reclaim her empathic power and become an intuitive healer and spiritual teacher.

Wendy has spent the last 24 years guiding healings and teaching, helping thousands of empaths clear emotional wounds, shift karmic patterns of guilt and shame and unworthiness, and experience the gifts of their empathic nature.

Wendy will mentor you as you reclaim your intuitive gifts, through weekly guided healings, rituals, practices, and precise teachings uniquely suited to overly empathic people. You’ll experience (finally) that it’s possible to connect with others without losing your Self, hold energetic boundaries — and embody your empathic power.

You don’t have to carry the family lineage of shame, abuse, or fear forward anymore. You can release these blocks to  heal yourself, your bloodline, and the collective.

During this intensive 16-part training, you’ll discover:

  • What “Sense of Self” looks like in your energetic anatomy
  • How to connect to your SELF and reclaim aspects of your energetic center
  • That your sensitivity is not only a gift, but you’re being triggered so your gift can be seen
  • How hypervigilance creates a pattern in the body that makes you overly-empathic and lacking effective energetic boundaries
  • What happens in your energetic body which contributes to you absorbing energy
  • A deep guided healing to open up the process, ground your body, address energy held in the lower chakras and prepare your system for the reparenting process
  • Karmic wounds that carry from past lives into this one that affect empaths
  • What empowerment, presence, and light feel like in your body
  • How the energetic system mirrors abandonment in the body causing excess psychic activity and ungrounding
  • How the way you were mothered and fathered affects your auric field and connection to the Earth
  • How mothering and fathering or lack develops intoment of you having a strong auric field and connection to the earth
  • How deep healing can help you reconnect to your Divine Mother and Father and restore a sense of comfort and nurturing
  • How guilt and shame are linked to energetic cords to other people
  • How to live with the news, social media, and world traumas as an empathic being

What You’ll Discover in These 16 Modules

In this 16-part transformational intensive, Wendy will guide you through the practices, rituals, and energy healings to clear karmic and emotional wounds, cut negative cords, detox long-held patterns — grounding you in Self and empowering your empathic gifts.

This course will feature teachings, training sessions, and experiential guided healings with Wendy. Each session will build harmoniously upon the previous ones so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of tools and principles you’ll need to repattern your energy body.

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