WSO GB Jul 2019 – Flipped Resume Blueprint | Instant Download !

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WSO GB Jul 2019 – Flipped Resume Blueprint | Instant Download !

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WSO GB Jul 2019 – Flipped Resume Blueprint | Instant Download !


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This “Flipped Resume” Has Helped Hundreds Of Professionals Get Back Into The Job Markets
Within Only A Few Weeks
This New Technique Makes It Easy To Get Face-to-Face  Interviews With Managers (Like The Way It Used To Be), So You Can…
  • Prove You’re QUALIFIED,  after weeks or months of submitting resumes into “the void” but hearing nothing back even after  following-up your application…
  • Get  JOB OFFERS, after having been dismissed, rejected, and stuck in an endless cycle of searching and applying for jobs online for weeks and months, even years…
  • Secure Your NEXT JOB and put an end to the frustration and disappointment you feel every day of your job search so you can finally be yourself again…
Now, this little-known interview-generating technique used to get in the door in the companies you want to work in, is now accessible to you.

Armed with this time-tested and repeatable system…you should see a SPIKE in job interviews…no matter how competitive the job market in your industry might be.
Finally experience a steady flow of face-to-face interviews in the companies you want to work in.
Get started with this breakthrough approach how (plus $792 worth of FREE bonuses listed below)…
For the past 16 years, I’ve been fortunate 

to help 36,483 job seekers in 53 countries
get interviews and rewarding jobs with this…
And I’m making the “Flipped Resume Blueprint” available to job seekers who are tired of dead-end online job hunting by offering a complete, no-risk opportunity to check out the course.

It’s 100% online and on-demand, so you can get your hands on it in just 60 seconds.
Here’s what the course will show you when you enroll today…
Hit the Ground Running And Avoid the Common Mistakes That Kill Your Chances

  • The TRUTH about resumes that work – and the harsh reality about the standard “resume advice”
  • Why you should stop “polishing” your resume
  • The fatal flaw of standard resumes that gets your application dismissed, deferred, or deleted
  • What employers actually care about
  • Why your current resume is your biggest barrier to landing a new career
  • How to stop being “reactive” and going through dead-end job application processes
  • Why the “positioning” and “timing” of your resume matters​
Discover The C.O.R.E. Framework That Will Help You Eliminate Any Bias Toward Age, References, Experience or Background
  • Why a “Flipped Resume” works so well, even though it turns the traditional resume on its head
  • The simple 4-part C.O.R.E. Framework
  • ​How to make interviewing you an absolute top priority
  • The unique way you can show the positive impact
  • How to use your experience, accomplishments, or any awards the right way
  • How to make yourself compelling in the eyes of your target employer
  • The ONLY TWO ways you can stand out amongst hundreds of other applications
Uncover the “Hidden” Reasons a Company is Hiring Without Talking to Anyone
  • How to “read the mind” of your next boss without knowing who they are
  • Where to look for key information that will unlock more interviews
  • How to quickly compile a “360 View” of the concerns and outcomes that your next employer have
  • Where and how to uncover priorities, trends, goals, and even company strategy
  • The “Job Description Debrief” tactic
  • The overlooked “report” that reveals what business drivers are causing them to hire for your position
  • How to uncover the biggest pains, problems, and goals of your next boss
The Easy Process for Crafting a “Flipped Resume” So You Stand Out and Win The Offer
  • Why a typical “Buffet Resume” almost always works against you
  • ​The BIG mistake that 94.2% of job seekers are making
  • ​How to craft your “Flipped Resume” so you get interviews with the companies you want to work for
  • Boost your confidence and get back in control of any interview
  • How to make sure your “Flipped Resume” gets undivided attention
  • A simple and fast technique for creating a flawless “Flipped Resume”
  • The power of “Cognitive Idea Mapping” for eliminating hours of creating your resume
  • ​The “7 Best Practices” for creating a winning “Flipped Resume”
  • ​How to “Flip Your Emails” so they stand out and get responses
  • ​Answers to the most common questions you might have
How To Get Past Application Systems And Get Interviews
  • The “Job Finder Autopilot”
  • The little-known method to easily get past automated application systems
  • The #1 biggest job hunting obstacle and how to overcome it
  • 8 strategies for delivering your “Flipped Resume” so it gets the attention
  • How to fill your calendar with interviews at companies you want to work with
  • How to regain your confidence and get more intervies
  • Discover exactly WHEN to approach a hiring manager
  • ​How to find jobs in your area that match your qualifications
  • ​The one thing to add to your email that will boost the chances by 78%
Put Your “Flipped Resume” To The Test – And Set Yourself Up For Success With Minimal Risk
  • ​The “7 Assessments Audit” you must perform on your own “Flipped Resume”
  • ​How to make sure that WHO you’re reaching out to has the power to say “yes”
  • ​Why you should “stress-test” your resume to make sure you’re hitting on all the relevant and important topics
  • How to elevate your strengths and different to win the job you want
  • What you must include to “wow” a hiring manager immediately
  • The one question to ask yourself to make sure hiring managers can “conne

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