Yukia Sandara – Quantum Light Code Emergence & Activation (Package B) | Instant Download !

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Yukia Sandara – Quantum Light Code Emergence & Activation (Package B) | Instant Download !

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Yukia Sandara – Quantum Light Code Emergence & Activation (Package B) | Instant Download !




These sonic activations and light encoded body of work together with your Soul mapping if you choose as an option, it enhances creative energy, it reveals to you areas in your life where power is held in illusion, it allows for enhanced connection with your inner space of the heart and your Multi Dimensionality, your Galactic family, it has the potential to clear, cleanse, repair all programs, belief systems, outdated values not serving your highest good and bring them to the surface to be erased and uncreated. It also aligns, balances, restores, and activates your DNA/RNA in order to awaken the dormant strands.

This will activate Remembrance, the return to the Core of Who you Are with your gifts and skillsets, assist in mapping your path and your purpose. It has the potential to address challenges that you might have in your Life and in your body. It has the potential to also correct/transmute misalignments, trapped energy or cords stagnated in other timelines or even in parallel reality structures that you also exist in.

The Ultimate benefit is one of elevated awareness of the very Essence of you. It purifies you, it functions as an acceleration activation containing DNA upgrades frequencies of Light that communicate to bring expansion, lightness within your Being. You will feel more in Peace, Joy, Love for Self, ready to activate the abundant Universe in your chosen path with inner standing. This helps also to increase perception so full consciousness and awareness is ignited within to assist you to return to your power and to Yourself.

You will receive: 

All of Package A PLUS

~ 1 Video with Holographic light Codes Activation

~ 13 Additional Light code Frequency Art and Guides to Download


These are Activated key Light tuning encodements with Sonic Harmonic Quantum geomancy, and Light Language Mantras, messages and updates to assist you to Remember YOUR magnificence’.

We are inviting you peruse these 11 ‘holographic frequencies Light Codes” to awaken substantial shifts in the structure of your Quantum field and assist you to shift into the Magma Universal Holographic Self. There you are but one Tonal expression of consciousness – the universe, the structure and the Quantum field itself activated into our new Earth.

This work contains Light Language STAR LIGHT codes from Source consciousness through the Council of 9 of Arcturus as well as from the 22 galaxies revealed beyond the veil; these tuning frequencies activate the Re-Genesis architecture of our Dormant DNA “ to assist us on the path of raising and sustaining our vibration to access our highest potential; reclaiming the knowingness and understanding of the mind, body, spirit complex layers that are returning to Unity Consciousness grounded in the new Human Template in this physical Reality

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