ZBALGOTRADING – ATS-6400 v5.0.2 (Aug 2015)

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ZBALGOTRADING – ATS-6400 v5.0.2 (Aug 2015)

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ZBALGOTRADING – ATS-6400 v5.0.2 (Aug 2015)

ZBALGOTRADING – ATS-6400 v5.0.2 (Aug 2015)

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A Good System Must
Be easy to use.
Be totally objective.
Require little of your time.
Produce large profits per trade.
Keep drawdowns to a minimum.
Generate clear BUY and SELL signals.
Pay for itself from the profits.
In Trading Timing can be Everything.
The algorithms signal an over bought or an over sold market.
Every trade is verified against many indicators for better results.
The online seminar available with the free trial, explains this.
Simple and objective BUY and SELL signals.
Easy to Trade and takes only 15 mins. per week.

The ATS-6400 uses the same functions, filters and algorithms of the ATS-3200. When the price data for the notes was first tested with the system, the new ATS-6400 generated an average trade of $1850 during hypothetical testing. This was achieved with the old parameters and setting of the ATS-3200 system, proving that the logic of the functions of the ATS-3200 is sound and that it works.

Since the Notes trade a little differently from the Bonds, e.g. they are less volatile, the parameters in some of the system’s functions had to be adjusted to take this into consideration. This improved the performance of the system, and increased the profit per avarage trade to $2982, an increase of 61%.

The system is designed with the following principles:

Select a market that trends for long periods of time and is very liquid.
Select a long term indicator, and use it to establish the trend of the market.
Design simple indicators to quantify market activity accurately.
Design filters to prevent the system from whipsaws, and to stay with the trend.
Build genetic algorithms to generate trading signals near tops and bottoms.
Incorporate safety features into the system, to minimize drawdowns.
Include a trailing stop function to reduce the number of losing trades.
Design indicators to accurately track sideways and random markets.
Provide comprehensive reports to record every result for analysis.
Back test the system during both bull, bear and sideways markets.
Trade the system in real time to test all functions.

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